We are excited to offer many workshops on topics such as K-12 ASL Education, College ASL Education, Technological applications in ASL Teaching, Social Justice, ASL Advanced Topics, Deaf Studies & Assessment. We will also be having two new types of workshops: Share Shop and ASLTA Center.

Share Shop

What exactly is a “Share Shop”? Share Shops are less formal than the traditional workshops and generally have a small group. Unlike workshops, Share Shops are held at a round table and allow for everyone to share their knowledge and insights on a topic. Because of the less formal nature, Share Shops can be reserved by a group who wish to discuss any topic to be held during the regular workshop schedule. Fill out the form below to reserve your spot before they are filled up.

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Max 4 tables per slot. First come, first served.
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ASLTA Center

Did you come to this conference without really knowing what the ASLTA does? Do you want more information about this national teachers’ association? Then the ASLTA Center is for you. This center will be open during the regular workshop schedule with information about the ASLTA and more.