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ASL Assessment Tools: Unfold ASL Toolkit

The workshop will focus on how to define, design and unveil ASL assessment tools. The general definition of language assessment along with various assessment types will be introduced. The critical needs of creating ASL assessment will be emphasized along with current availability of ASL assessment tools across the U.S. and Canada. More information on how to locate and design tools will be also shared. Design process of developing two ASL tests will be demonstrated. The main goal of this workshop is to promote better understanding of how ASL assessment toolkit should be unfolded respectively with scope of the critical needs in ASL assessment development.

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Wanda Riddle

Wanda Riddle

Wanda Riddle, M.A. Faculty Member, Department of American Sign Language and Deaf Studies, Gallaudet University, Washington, D.C. ASL Instructor, BA-ASL Program Coordinator, ASL Test developer, ASL Researcher, and Ph.D. candidate. In Gallaudet’s classroom of BA-ASL majors and minors, Ms. Riddle has taught ASL major classes for nearly a decade. ASL majors are frequently challenged by being introduced to in-depth analyses of ASL structure, linguistic features, and ASL instruction and assessment. Not only teaching, Ms. Riddle is also coordinator of the BA-ASL program to support ASL majors and minors achieve their personal, academic, and professional goals in becoming resourceful ASL mentor, coach, teacher, and researcher.  Ms. Riddle is currently a PhD candidate in Critical Studies in Education of Deaf Learners, Department of Education at Gallaudet University. Her research topic focuses on explanatory study with descriptive analyses using sequential mixed method research on factors of ASL curriculum, instruction and assessment in bilingual ASL/English program at K-12 setting.