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Deaf Humor

Humor is such a major part of Deaf culture, yet rarely is it explored in depth. In this workshop, participants will enjoy laughter as they learn the four types of humor commonly found in the Deaf community: jokes of a visual nature, jokes based on the inability to hear and it’s pros/cons, linguistic jokes, and jokes that focus on the majority of groups commonly oppressing deaf people. Incorporated is research on deaf humor by renowned experts such as M.J. Bienvenu and Susan Rutherford, and various jokes and humorous stories as modeled by Theron. This workshop gives teachers additional information to repeat towards ASL students.

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Theron Parker

Theron Parker

Theron leads a notable career as a performer, instructor and presenter. Renowned for his ABC stories, has produced four DVDs: In the Minds of Ed and Theron, Have ASL, Will Travel: Fables from Around the World, Folklore from Around the World, and Little Deaf Spies. He appeared in Forget Me Not, and served as an assistant producer for ASL Films. Wass part of Illusion of ASL, a deaf theater group. A certified Baby Signs instructor, he teaches literacy through America Sign Language for his non-profit organization, ABC ASL, working with children and parents. A humor of Deaf history to ASL storytelling. Theron’s video can be seen on YouTube. For Theron, ASL storytelling is the most beautiful music imaginable, With its natural beauty and expressiveness, he aspires to introduce ASL to many generations of deaf children and hearing people as possible. He published a children’s book.