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Cover Copy Compare: An Effective Intervention for ASL Acquisition Students with Dyslexia?

American Sign Language (ASL) is gaining popularity as a foreign language in U.S. colleges and high schools. But, instructional and learning strategies used to teach orthographic languages to individuals with dyslexia may not be effective for learning a visual language. To improve automaticity in recall of ASL vocabulary for students with dyslexia, Skinner’s 1997 intervention, Cover, Copy, and Compare was adapted to a multimedia format, providing additional needed practice for students with dyslexia to acquire ASL; the nature and results of this adaptation are the focus of this presentation.

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Sara Evans

Sara Evans

Sara Evans is a PhD doctoral student at the University of Tennessee. She has 18 years of K12 teaching experience and is a RID certified interpreter. As a Graduate Teaching Assistant, she teaches ASL classes and serves as an instructor in the ASL lab. She also an adjunct instructor at Lee University in the Deaf Studies program.