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Understanding Classifiers in ASL Literature for K-12

This workshop allows the participant to understand and explore classifiers in ASL Literature. The participant will explore how to use classifiers in different types of art forms including ABC/123 stories, ASL Cinematic, ASL Poetry, ASL Storytelling, and more. The participant will recognize how to develop children’ creativity and expressive skills. The workshop will have exercises that allow the participant to experience classifiers in ASL. The participants will learn to use classifiers that can be applied when teaching ASL classes and technology.


Ruthie Jordan

Ruthie Jordan

Ruthie, a Wisconsin native ASL signer, received several degrees and certificates from National Technical Institute for the Deaf/Rochester Institute of Technology (NTID/RIT) and Master of Arts in Sign Language Education (MASLED) from Gallaudet University. With everlasting passion, she has been spreading her knowledge, passion and technology skills through numerous roles. Her roles included: ASL advocacy activist, ASL literature specialist, ASL educator, workshop facilitator, filmmaker, mentor, performer, and storyteller. Along with Ruthie’s passion, she highly values the community in where she invests her skills into. She looks forward to spread the knowledge, experience, and skills to proliferate community and education for future generation.