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Dynamics of Deaf Leadership: Where does ASL fit in?


Based on doctoral research, findings will be shared with the participants who are interested in learning more about the Dynamics of Deaf Leadership, what promotes it and what hinders it, as well as where ASL fits in for the individual and for the community.

Regan Thibodeau

Regan Thibodeau


A native of Maine, Regan enjoys weekend trail walks with her 3 dogs and 2 children year-round. Time on the trails help her think outside of the box for raising standards in ASL pedagogy and outcomes in students. She graduated from University of Southern Maine with a BA in ASL Linguistics and Interpreting under Dr. Judy Shepard-Kegl and furthered her education at Teachers College of Columbia University with a MA in Teaching Sign Language as a Foreign Language under the guidance of Dr. Rusty Rosen. In the meantime, Regan built her experience in ASL Pedagogy as a teachers aide, intern student instructor, and a professor for both deaf and hearing students at various grade levels. Regan is currently an adjunct teacher at USM teaching ASL and Interpreting courses and freelances as a CDI in various places, including PreK-12 settings.