Conference Presenter

All ASL professionals - including heritage language teachers, high school L2 teachers, college instructors, professors, educators, specialists, mentors, and program coordinators are important collaborators for ASLTA. You can play an important role by presenting ideas, innovative techniques/approaches, and new findings.

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS: The workshops are 1.5 hours long.  If your topic requires more time, you can request to have 2 workshop slots - part 1 and part 2. 

The presentation call process will go as follows: 

SUBMISSION DEADLINE: We will begin screening the first round of prospect presenters on October 31st.

2) College ASL Education

  • Cognitive and visual approach

  • Streamlining ASL instruction from high school

  • ASL curriculum (beginning/intermediate/advanced)

  • Lesson plans

  • Classroom management (HS vs college)

  • Hybrid/online education

  • Advanced ASL courses/graduate studies

4) Social Justice

  • Intersectionality of cultures

  • How we talk about issues constructively

  • Gender identities

  • Safe spaces

  • Activism

  • Deaf children’s rights

6) ASL Advanced Topics

  • Linguisitic research

  • ASL/Interpreting collaboration

  • Qualifications of ASL instruction

  • Creating ASL Literature

  • Advanced ASL teaching topics

1) K-12 ASL Education 

  • Cognitive and visual approach

  • Heritage Learners

  • Application of ASL instruction books

  • ASL curriculum (beginning/intermediate/advanced)

  • Lesson plans

  • Classroom management (HS vs college)

  • Distance teaching

3) Technological applications in ASL Teaching

  • Developing Apps

  • Google hubs

  • Learning Management Systems (Canvas, Blackboard)

  • ASL Labs

  • Distance teaching

5) Assessment

  • Receptive assessment

  • Expressive assessment

  • Types of assessment 


  • Rubric development

  • Teacher/Evaluator training

7) Deaf Studies

  • Deafhood

  • Historical events in the US/World

  • Deaf literature

  • Language/Culture blends

  • Preserving Deaf heritage processes

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Please submit your portrait photo and the YouTube link of the video summary of your workshop to If you have any questions, please contact email as well. Thanks for your interest! We look forward to hearing from you.