Update: Pre-conference has been sold out!
If you would like to sign up on a wait list, please go here.

We are very excited to provide pre-conference workshops from Signing Naturally, True+Way ASL and a course in ASL Literature! The workshops will be held at The New Children’s Museum The Manchester Grand Hyatt Hotel. A map can be found further below on this page. The workshops from Signing Naturally and True+Way ASL are both Free! The course in ASL Literature is $110 (plus 3% service fee if paid online).

We're excited that lunch is catered by Feast on This, a deaf owned catering company. For $22 (plus 3% service fee if paid online), you will get a gourmet sandwich, a side of fruit salad, a side of chickpea salad, and a delicious house made chocolate chip cookie. Bottled water included. All made especially for our Pre-Conference attendees. Please pre-order and pay for your lunch here and make your selection at checkout.

Gourmet Sandwich/Salad options:

Roasted Turkey

Thin slices of oven-roasted turkey breast are layered onto our fresh-baked multigrain loaf and topped with fresh green leaf lettuce, tomato, red onion, crunchy dill pickle, feast seasoning, mayo and local fresh basil olive oil.


Crispy bacon on toasted slices of our fresh-baked sesame sourdough bread then top it all with fresh green leaf lettuce and hand-sliced tomato, then we make it even better with red onion, crunchy dill pickle, feast seasoning, creamy mayo and local fresh basil olive oil.


This Neapolitan favorite is a luscious blend of fresh, creamy mozzarella, juicy tomato and drizzled with aromatic basil olive oil and topped with fresh green leaf lettuce, feast seasoning, roasted zucchini and pistachio pesto on our fresh-baked herb focaccia.

Feast Mode Waldorf Chicken Salad (walnuts)

Tender roasted chicken, candied walnuts, crisp red apple, celery, sweet craisins, creamy mayo and spices and then set it atop our fresh-baked croissant paired with vibrant whole cranberry-fig sauce and fresh green leaf lettuce.

Sign up links being March 22nd @ 12pm Pacific Time.

*Don’t forget to pre-order your lunch from Feast on This when registering for your workshops.


Map of The Manchester Grand Hyatt