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Multilingualism and American Sign Language: classroom approach for linguistically diverse Deaf students

This shareshop will discuss multilingualism in Deaf education, which is a topic that finds classroom with various students with various language acquisition background. By diving deep into the roles of ASL Specialists have in K-12 setting is to unveil the understanding of how we can advocate language planning. Identifying between language deprivation vs multilingualism will lead to tie with creating relationships with school stakeholders.


Monica Keller

Monica Keller

Monica Keller is a Sign Language Educator. She graduated from Gallaudet University in Washington D.C. with Bachelor’s degrees in Deaf Studies and Linguistics in 2012. After six years of traveling around the world doing various studies, she returned to school and is graduating from Gallaudet University with a Master’s in Sign Language Education in summer, 2019 with second masters in Education Technology from National University. Monica’s training passionately focuses on designing American Sign Language assessments curriculum effectively for heritage language students within K-12 settings especially coming from 4th generation Deaf family. She aims to obtain a Ph.D. in Linguistics and to bring various framework for sign language acquisition. Monica holds a Wilderness First Responder certification, which goes hand in hand with her love for nature. With a driven person like Monica, Deaf Education shall unfold with multi-perspectives around the world!