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ASL and English Grammar Comparison

Published in 2013, ASL ~ English Grammar: A Comparative Linguistic Handbook is unique in that it compares and contrasts the phonological, morphological, syntactical and semantic structures of ASL and English in a practical, user-friendly way. The presenter will touch on major topics discussed throughout the 245-page book, including grammatical structures, non-manual signals, mouth morphemes, classifiers, lexicalized-based signs, abbreviations and ASL idioms. A thousand paired examples from both ASL and English makes this handbook useful for coursework at all ASL levels.



Kevin Struxness

Kevin Struxness

Kevin is Professor for ASL and Deaf Studies at Palomar College in San Diego County. He started teaching in January 1980 and has had over 13,000 students. He acquired ASL and absorbed Deaf Culture at the Missouri School for the Deaf in the 1960s and California School for the Deaf in Riverside in the 1970s. To date, he has published four books including the 400-page school history about CSD Riverside and produced two videos on ASL mouth morphemes. He founded the CSDR museum in 1995.