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ePortfolio: What, Why & How?

What are ePortfolios and how can ASL/Deaf Studies Programs use them?

An electronic or digital portfolio (ePortfolio) is an online institutional repository for collecting evidence of student learning which can facilitate student reflection across courses and disciplines. Its unique medium provides a structured framework for inquiry, reflection, and integration. Core ePortfolios when done well can be utilized to implement a variety of program wide overarching curriculum themes and connections.

So, how can collegiate ASL/Deaf Studies Programs use ePortfolio?

Using the LaGuardia Community College Deaf Studies ePortfolio Sequence as a model, the presentation will showcase one example of Core ePortolio in action as it supports campus wide curriculum, advisement and assessment goals.

After examining the nature of ePortfolios, the theory and practice of course ePortfolio pedagogy will be examined. The design of program wide core ePortfolios to provide a common vehicle for all program coursework will also be discussed.

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John Collins

John Collins

John is the Director for the Deaf Studies Program at LaGuardia Community College where in addition to his administrative duties, he teaches American Sign Language, Deaf Sociology and Sign Language Linguistics.  Having designed the core ePortfolio for the Deaf Studies Program he now coaches other departments in the development of their Core ePortfolios as a member of the LaGuardia’s ePortfolio Mini-Grant Leadership Team. Mr. Collins recently published a case study titled “High-Impact Eportfolio Practice: Structured Career Discernment via Eportfolio in Catalyst in Action” by Eynon and Gambino (2018). Mr. Collins has also been called upon as a panelist and presenter for several American Association of Colleges & Universities conventions focusing on assessments and ePortfolio practice.  Mr. Collins is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego as well as Gallaudet University.