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Chicanx Deaf People in Barrio: Cultural and Language Barriers in the Dominant U.S. Society

In the present, the U.S. society is actively americanizing Chicanx Deaf people in Barrio. The society causes them to normalize in the white Deaf and Sign Language from white user’s dominant language. Chicanx Deaf people are on journey with cultural identity and language in the struggles for liberty.


Joel A Garcia

Joel A Garcia

Joel A. Garcia is Chicano Deaf in the Barrio in Ventura County, California. He is the instructor of ASL and Deaf Studies. In the past, he was first to receive the bachelor’s degree in Social Work and the master’s degree in Deaf Studies with Concentration on Cultural Studies from Gallaudet University in his Mexican hearing family. He is fluent in Chicanx Sign Language and ASL. He is a member of California Manos del Corazon organization (California Latino Council of the Deaf and Hard Of Hearing in the past). He is involving in Southern California Deaf community/Barrio.