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Developing and Using Online Activities Confidently

The workshop will be mainly a hands-on workshop with several stations covering online activities such as Kahoot!, Quizziz, Edpuzzle and more as active assessment tools. There will be a presentation at the beginning covering information about the online activities with one or two activities for the whole group to participate. The stations will focus on two things - playing and creating. Laptops will be needed as participants and creators. This will give people a chance to discuss pros and cons, get a feel for creating products out of online activities that can be sharable, basically build self-confidence in becoming creative teachers. Teachers in the areas of K-12, college/universities and labs will find this beneficial in different types of settings such as classroom, club activities or lab tools. It is recommended that they bring their own laptops.

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Joanna Witulski

Joanna Witulski

Joanna hails from Merrillville, IN approximately 35 minutes from Chicago. She has taught ASL in college since 2006 and high school since 2012. She received her masters degree from Gallaudet University’s Sign Language Education in 2014. She is currently Willard ASLTA (Indiana)’s President and is involved with Indiana Foreign Language Teachers Association, actively promoting ASL at different levels from community to professional. Joanna is married to Don and has two KODAs and can be found involved with local deaf community.