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Using Deaf Literature Written in English to Teach Deaf Culture/Deafhood

As hearing students enter ASL class they have almost no idea about Deaf culture. We ASL teachers throughout the quarter show films, read books and share our experience especially when teacher is Deaf. Those tools are wonderful ways to share Deaf Experience and I have found Deaf Lit Extravaganza who John Lee Clark is the editor a wonderful collection of stories written in English or ASL gloss with many stories and poetry that reflects Deaf person’s Deafhood journey. When students read short stories in their L1 it seems to elicit deeper discussion about different issues. This is a great tool I would love to share with other teachers.



Jeremy Quiroga

Jeremy Quiroga

Jeremy, MFA, CDI, continues to share his love of life and his language through workshops and ASL Storytelling nationally. He started out as a medical interpreter by becoming the first staff CDI for the University of Rochester Medical Center. From that point forward medical interpreting became his focus. By combining his interpreting knowledge, his ASL mastery skills, life experience, Jeremy provides interpreters and teachers with a phenomenal range of tools. Currently, Jeremy is a professor at Highline College teaching ASL and working as a VRI interpreter. When he is not teaching you can find Jeremy somewhere in the Northwest sharing his passion of life with his wife and dogs.