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Collectivistic Curriculum Building and Learning Management Systems

Over the past 3 years, the University of Cincinnati has undertaken an intensive curriculum re-design which has allowed us to build a ground-up curriculum using a Deaf-centered, collectivist approach in which every instructor’s word (regardless of workload) is equally valued and which utilizes technology and Learning Management Systems to maximize efficiency and ease of use for both instructors and students alike. Although labor intensive, our result is a STANDARDIZED curriculum which maximizes efficiency of use and feedback for everyone; lends itself to constant critical reflection; and still allows for individual teaching freedoms. This process has re-shaped how our department functions as a whole, resulting in a stronger program and team. This presentation will take a look at how that process started, how we utilized technology to make it possible, and what the current result looks like.

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Emma Kreiner

Emma Kreiner

Emma Kreiner was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. After losing her hearing as she starts college (great time for an identity crisis, right?) she quickly had to adapt a life she hadn’t planned on. While always wanting to be a teacher, she wasn’t sure what she wanted to teach. She had taken ASL in high school, and during college and the subsequent years of hearing loss, she found herself deeply passionate about wanting to teach ASL and Deaf studies, without which the transition to life as a Deaf person would have been much harder. Although late to the Deaf game, Emma is making the most of it, and couldn’t be more thankful to her mentors along the way. In thanks to the wonderful people who helped her with her journey, Emma is currently working diligently to becoming a critically reflective instructor and pay it forward.