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American Sign Language Honor Society

Deanne Bray

Deanne Bray

A born-deaf California native. Love teaching since tutoring her peers in high school, which she ended up in the Education field since 1999. Worked with K-12 Deaf children at Woodrow Wilson High School during the school year and Multnomah Elementary school during the summers. Worked at California School of the Deaf, Riverside, Phoenix Day School of the Deaf, and Sequoia School of the Deaf and Hard of hearing. Took a sabbatical from teaching and worked in Toronto for 56 episodes, Sue Thomas: FBEye, which the show will return to make a movie in 2020 with a new network.

Have one daughter and is married to Troy Kotsur. Went back to school to pursue education in getting a Masters degree in Sign Language Education and California State Single Subject Teaching Credential in General Education.

Currently, loving her job in finding ways to preserve ASL and support Deaf Culture awareness through her teachings at Oak Park High School with WL students.