D*A*S*H is San Diego ASLTA's new unique signing adventure that requires a lot of ASL brain, a bit of brawn, and a ton of fun! More than a scavenger hunt, but much and much less physical than a 5k walk, this unique hybrid combines ASL trivia, from pop culture to history, with a team-oriented adventure. Add in the occasional checkpoint challenges involving ASL and you've got D*A*S*H!

For teams of 2-4 participants. Register your team by 5 pm on July 1st to secure your team spot in the fun dash. Winning prizes courtesy of Gallaudet Club. Open to participants 14 and up accompanied by an adult. D*A*S*H participation includes admission to our ASLTA Art Auction.

Admission included in the Full Conference Registration.

Individual participation: $15.

Entertainment Package Pass for $75 includes Opening Ceremony, Art ASL Video Awards, ASL D*A*S*H, and ASLTA Art Auction. A better deal for our community members! 

What is D*A*S*H?

The D*A*S*H 90-minute ASL scavenger hunt challenge is to be the team to complete the most clues and checkpoint challenges as well as get the most required photos. ASL is to be used at all times. Points will be deducted for speaking, using your voice, or arriving back after 8 pm.

Can I register by myself?

No. Teams must be between 2 to 4 people. Please find one to three friends to join you! All members must be registered for the conference. Note: every member in your team needs to sign a waiver.

What do I need?

Good walking shoes are a must. Someone on your team needs to bring a smart phone with a QR Code Reader app downloaded to watch ASL clues, and take pictures. We also suggest bringing money for food, drink and transit. Water and snacks are provided.

What if my camera breaks during the event and I can’t take pictures of the checkpoints?

Please have a backup just in case this happens. It would be wise to recruit team members who have smartphones. The only way D*A*S*H can verify your success is to check your team’s photos.

What if I can’t figure out a clue?

You can ask people on the street for help. Remember to always communicate in ASL and use gestures if needed! The clues will lead you in a general direction and you might stumble upon another team.

What are the prizes?

All teams are eligible to win all prizes. Prizes for First, Second, and Third places are unique one-of-a-kind, hard-to-find ASL art pieces created by Deaf artists or business owners. To win, you need to return to the hotel by 8 pm with the most clues and checkpoints completed.

Do I have to wear matching or coordinated costumes/uniforms?

Yes, D*A*S*H will provide each team with four headbands to be worn during the event. Costumes are also encouraged.

What happens at the end of the event?

Immediately upon returning to the hotel, we will have ASL Trivia ready for you followed by our exciting Art Auction. There are door prizes, auction items and many more prizes to win.

Register your team by MONDAY at 5 pm at the Conference Registration table. Do not forget to download a QR Reader app to your phone.

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This special event is made possible by San Diego ASLTA.

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Prizes provided courtesy of Gallaudet University