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Camtasia - Integrate Technology in Classroom

Teaching ASL is not as same as what it used to be as we accelerate toward the world of tomorrow. Instant is the keyword, and everything has to be within touch of a finger. Whether it is an app, tutorial link, or the scholarly article online and in order to keep up with speed of the world is changing present a challenge for teaching ASL field. The software Camtasia will propel those who teaching ASL to the next level in order to maintain the interest of those generations who are indulged by technology. This workshop will focus on giving support, idea, and strategy to make the teaching ASL successful within technology world as we know it.

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Daniel Pfaff

Daniel Pfaff

Daniel hails from Franklin, Indiana. Graduated from Gallaudet University with a Bachelor's’ degree in Educational Drama with a minor in Performance/Production, and a Masters’ degree in Teaching ASL from the University of Northern Colorado.  Before he started his job at the University of Minnesota as an ASL Teaching Specialist, he served missionary with Deaf Missions for past 4 years. Whenever he is not teaching, he enjoys doing Krav Maga, outdoor activities such as hiking, camping and many more. He also is avid board games gamer, and enjoys time with his friends and families!