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Unpacking Sexuality: Bringing Unconscious Bias to the Forefront

This lesson is intended to provide ASL instructors with opportunities to examine and analyze sexuality issues, explore values/attitudes/beliefs about sexuality, identify situations where skills with the language of sexuality would be useful, and apply what was learned to practice. Participants will also learn appropriate and efficient tools aimed at making them more comfortable with teaching sexuality signs. Consent is not applicable only in sexual relationships—it is also applicable in professional and academic settings. This training will also provide participants with a better understanding of the importance of creating brave spaces for members of LGBTQIA+ communities. Participants will leave with a toolkit of how to create their classrooms, residence halls, and other social settings more affirming of a variety of gender identities and expressions.


Bethany Gehman

Bethany Gehman

Bethany Gehman, M.Ed., a sexuality educator, has more than five years of experience in providing sexual health education and professional training, and she is currently working as a health educator at Family Tree Clinic in Minnesota. Bethany provides sexuality education for people of all ages, conducts professional training, and promotes inclusive and comprehensive sexual health education in Deaf K-12 residential programs. She strives to connect with the community through her videos and interactions through her workshops/training. Advocacy and education cannot happen without genuine connections.

When Bethany is not busy with her community work, she creates high-quality and accessible American Sign Language YouTube videos on human sexuality. Learn more about Bethany at bethanygehman.com.