Padres ASL Night

Thank you for making plans to join us for ASL Night! 

Here are some details for the event on

Saturday, June 29:

Closed Captioning:

The game will be closed captioned through the MLB Ballpark App. To access, please download the MLB Ballpark App on your smart phone. Create an account and pick the San Diego Padres as your favorite team! From the main page, click on the “SD Padres” button on the bottom right hand corner and scroll to “Petco Park Reference Guide” and Closed Captioning is at the bottom of that list.

1.      Download the MLB Ballpark App on your smartphone


2.      Create an account and pick the San Diego Padres as your favorite team

3.      Click on the “SD Padres” button on the bottom right hand corner


4.      Scroll to “Petco Park Reference Guide”


5.      Closed captioning is on the bottom of the list



·         ASL Night tickets are in section 131 and 310:



·         Parking can be purchased in advance via

What Can I Bring Into The Ballpark?:

The San Diego Padres allow guests to bring food into Petco Park as long as the items are consumed in the general seating or designated picnic areas:

  • All food items should be wrapped, bagged, or left inside a container to avoid spillage.

  • Food that could be thrown as a projectile should be sliced or sectioned (i.e., oranges, apples and other fruits).

  • Food containers must be soft-sided and small enough to fit under the guest's seat.

  • Sealed, bottles of water (1 liter or less), soft-sided juice or milk containers are the only outside beverages permitted into Petco Park.

  • Guests may also bring empty, sport-type water bottles and fill them at any water fountain throughout the ballpark.

  • Guests with disabilities may bring factory-sealed plastic or paper containers that contain liquids required for medical reasons into the ballpark.

All bottles, cans, thermoses, jugs and soft-sided containers and bags that measure 16" x 16"x 8” or smaller are permitted into Petco Park.  All bags and containers are subject to search by security prior to entering the ballpark. 

Hard-sided coolers, bags, backpacks with metal frames, or items that exceed 16" x 16" x 8” limitations are not permitted into Petco Park.

We look forward to seeing you Saturday!