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Introduction Lengua de Señas Mexican (LSM) - Mexican Sign Language. Historia of LSM

Expose the audience to LSM, Provide a brief of how the President of Mexico, a history of how Lic. Benito Juarez, organized Deaf Education with only three Deaf students. How laws were found to save Deaf Mexicans from being abandoned. Mr. Eduardo Huet’s role in Deaf Education. He supported Deaf Mexicans. And discuss the importance and achievements of Deaf Mexicans. And the struggles and success of Deaf Mexicans.

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Al Jimenez

Al Jimenez

Al was born in Mexico and grew up in Mazatlan. He is a Deaf, Mexican citizen and a lawful permanent resident of the United States. He graduated from high school and then moved to America for better deaf education. He attended Houston Community College and graduated from SouthWest College Institute for the Deaf. He also graduated from Gallaudet University with credits from Lamar University (Deaf Studies/Deaf Education). He is currently working as a K-12 LST Teacher and an American Sign Language &amp; Interpreter Training (ASLIT) ASLIT Lab Tutor for ASL I - ASL II courses.